• Conference performances
  • Product/service launches
  • Team-building exercises
  • Cultural events and celebrations

Top 5 benefits to your business

  1. Synergy – sessions build an immediate synergy within a group that can normally take a long time to develop. Making music in a group is a perfect metaphor for working as a team.

  2. Easy – anyone can make a sound with a drum or percussion instrument and with my facilitation I can help show you and your team that you can already play

  3. Rhythm – making music empowers a team to do things they never would have thought possible.

  4. Concentration – music helps tune in the mind, enabling full concentration and attention. It can help participants de-stress from whatever worries they might be having and just enjoy the music making at hand.

  5. Enjoyment – Last and most important of all its enjoyable to play drums!


I can offer a wide variety of activities such as

  1. Boomwhackers – A musical tube orchestra performed by the delegates themselves.

  2. Drum circle – All delegates given a drum or percussion item and enjoying the in the moment music making process

  3. Egg Shakers – delegates all given egg shakers (which can be kept as gift) to accompany drum rhythms, singing and movement activities



How many delegates can be involved?

I can cater up to 100+ delegates at one time or smaller groups throughout the day


How much does it cost?

The cost of a workshop depends on a number of factors, including the following:

  1. The type of workshop you prefer

  2. How many drums and percussion instruments are needed

  3. Travel time, set-up/pack-up time and administration costs


What themes and messages can you cover?*

  1. Team building

  2. Listening

  3. Management

  4. Energising

  5. Well-being

  6. Communication

*Can be personalised to your businesses needs


How long does it last?

Options range from 10-15 minutes to a full day of team building workshops

Message me to see what I can do for your business

Childrens Parties



Drum circle music can be an excellent addition to your children's party! Ideal as it is an activity that both parents and children can enjoy together!

When the instruments are brought in you can feel the anticipation grow as everyone wonders how much fun this will be. As soon as we start beating the drums everyone will be having the time of their life! Drum parties are not only fun and energetic but offer a great way of expressing yourself creatively and positively!


Other Information

Workshops last approx 1 hour

Can cater to Ages 3+ and with groups of up to 20

Areas all over the North West are covered.

Options available include

  • Need a unique Adult party? Fun for all ages
  • Wedding Party Reception Drum Circle
  • Wedding Anniversary/ Bachelor/ Hen Party
  • Religious events
  • Need some unique party and not mentioned above?
Message myself to see what we can do for your day



Drum circle

I also host a series of workshops around the Liverpool area. To keep updated with upcoming workshops check out my Facebook page by going on the link below.

Live performance and
crowd interaction

Need something different for your event? I have worked alongside various performance groups such as fire performers, dancers, puppeteers, mime artists and various others.

Festival drum

Interested in my having me come and host a drum circle at your Festival/Outdoor event? I can faciliate drum circles with 150+ participants.

Message myself and lets see what we can do